Pure Protein / The Derailers

You’ve decided to stay on track: live better, eat healthier and exercise more. It’s a good plan. But something always happens that derails that healthy plan. Maybe your kid decides to have an aisle-five meltdown or the Chief Bagel Officer decides to leave a tray of meeting scraps between you and the gym.

The bad news is: these Derailers aren’t going anywhere. The good news is: in a world full of Derailers, Pure Protein helps you stay on track.


Sundown Naturals / Shmorange

The message Sundown Naturals Vitamins needed to convey was simple: its vitamins contain no gluten, no dairy and no artificial flavors. That is an awful lot to convey in a 15-second ad, so to simplify the message, we made up a word that means just that: “shmorange,” the first word that rhymes with orange.

A campaign of 15-second films followed in which a Sundown Naturals host attempted to spread the new word, shmorange, to the masses. Audiences included babies, millennials and prison snitches. While we were self-aware that the likelihood of the word actually spreading was slim to none, we also knew consumers would have no choice but to reach for the orange bottle the next time they were in the vitamin aisle.