Dixie / Deadzone Diners

Nowadays, it's pretty hard to find a cellular dead zone. As a result, we find ourselves constantly glued to our smartphones.

Dixie, a champion of putting down cell phones and enjoying quality time at the dinner table, set out to find these dead zones (areas with no cell service). In three locations across Los Angeles, we set up diners, called "Deadzone Diners," where reception was dreadful – forcing patrons to actually talk each other. The locations included a remote hillside that served breakfast, a cave with ice cream and an old federal reserve vault for dinner with chef, and TV personality, Carla Hall.


Dixie / Crushtomizer

With its leak-resistant lid and super-sturdy design, Dixie® To Go cups are built for the millions of coffee-drinking Americans who “crush” their mornings—from dads who serve up Michelin®-star PB&Js for their kids to moms who captain minivans full of toddler-sized scream machines. But more often than not, these feats of awesomeness go unnoticed.

So we set out to transform the coffee stopper, an ordinary spill-prevention device that plugs the lid of your coffee cup, into a trophy for morning all-stars. This led to the launch of The Crushtomizer, a website designed to let these morning dominators flaunt how they “crush it” by designing their very own, very awesome 3D-printed coffee stoppers made specifically for Dixie® To Go cups.


Dixie / The Official Cup for Crushing It

Every morning, people are crushing it with little victories that, to the outside world, seem small but, to the individual, seem huge. Dixie® To Go cups are specifically built for these moments, sporting a leak-resistant lid and sturdy build.